Tsumugi (Special Edition) Dvd


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Sora Aoi is Tsumugi, a typical Japanese teenagerâ€"who just happens to be in love with her teacher, Katagiri. Tsumugi seduces Katagiri and he falls for her. But at the same time, Tsumugi is attracted to her classmate, Kosuke, and soon she's trapped in a love triangle. Now Tsumugi faces a dilemma: Who will she stay with' Filled with steamy sex as well as hardcore punk music by the legendary Japanese musician Shigeru Nakano, "TSUMUGI" captures the confusion of growing up with the thrill of first love. Extras include 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage with Sora aoi, an exclusive interview with her, 5.1 surround sound option and many other goodies.

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