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Hitting you like a brick to the face, this simple story of a conman with eyes on a family's hotel business becomes a horrifying fever dream of ghosts and gore: the gruesome visage of a vengeful spirit seeks her unseen murderer; a supernatural virus fills its victims with squirming, slithering things which burst and ooze from their mouths and flesh; while a witch offers equally grisly and unsettling cures.

Like a distant cousin of Fulci's disturbing dream logic, Jen-Chieh Chang disturbs and disorients with a messy mélange of atrocities in this slimy specimen of Taiwanese Horror. Massacre Video proudly presents THE DEVIL for the first time in HD, with a brand new 4K restoration from original elements!

Brand New UNCUT 4k Scan from the Moldtastic Original Camera Negative
Uncompressed PCM Mandarin Audio
Newly Translated English Subtitles and Captions (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
Alternative Video Cut transfered from the Original 1" Master With English and Mandarin Audio and English Captions
Alternative Video Title Sequence
35mm Theatrical Trailer
Mandarin Video Trailer
English Video Trailer
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