Tales From The Crypt Season 4 DVD


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Monsters. Madness. Mayhem. And, of course, the Crypt Keeper’s bad puns! Tales from the Crypt returns from the grave once more to reanimate the best in humor and horror. Check out all 14 Season 4 episodes hosted by the comically cadaverous Crypt Keeper. Here for your warped amusement are the episodes “Split Personality,” about a lounge lizard (Joe Pesci) getting more than he bargained for when he marries identical twins; “Werewolf Concerto,” with Timothy (“Bond James Bond”) Dalton on the hunt for a lupine fiend; and “Beauty Rest,” with Mimi Rogers as an actress who'd kill for a part. Plus keep an eye out for Tom Hanks, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Reeve, 80s rocker Adam Ant and a hot-rodding Brad Pitt in these frightfully fun tales from filmmakers such as Lethal Weapon’s Richard Donner, The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont and The Matrix’s Joel Silver.