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Swiss smut King Erwin C. Dietrich (Swedish Gas Pump Girls, Rolls Royce Baby) propels legendary sex starlet Ingrid Steeger (The Swinging Co-Eds) to new horny heights in this skin-tastic trash classic where frequent flyers REALLY like to get up in the air! The Swinging Stewardesses (aka Stewardess Report, Naked Stewardesses and Die Stewardessen) is Dietrich's answer to the hit 1969 American 3D softcore film The Stewardesses, but is considerably more explicit in detailing the libidinous adventures of a crew of cockpit cuties getting it on with passengers and pilots alike. European erotica icons Evelyne Traeger (The Resort Girls) and Kathrin Heberle (The Young Seducers) join Steeger for a series of salacious vignettes that are as humorous and playful as they are sensual. Directing under his often employed pseudonym Michael Thomas, Dietrich makes sure The Swinging Stewardesses moves at a fast, furious pace and packs in enough sweaty couplings for 10 movies, padding-out the pumping with pretty intercontinental scenery from Zurich, Rome, Copenhagen and many more picturesque locales. Check your luggage, fasten your seat belts, unfasten your trousers and let The Swinging Stewardesses take you on the wildest ride of your life!

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