Suburbia DVD

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"Quite a few directors share and reflect the youthful rebellion and pop culture of their own generation. Penelope Spheeris is unique in that she uses her counter-culture sympathies to explore the lives, music, and attitudes of the new younger generation. You can see this in her movies. After documenting the punk scene in THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, she made SUBURBIA for me, in which she explored the world of alienated suburban teenagers, and later had a huge hit with WAYNE'S WORLD." -- Roger Corman~~When family problems and a sense of worthlessness overcome Evan, he finds escape with the orphans of a throwaway society. Calling themselves T.R. ("The Rejected"), these runaways hold on to one another like family, living in abandoned houses away from the society that despises them. SUBURBIA is THE punk rock movie, depicting with unbridled realism the lives, loves, and misfortunes of a discarded youth