Six Swedes In Paradise Dvd


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That sex-starved sextet of scintillating Swedish girls are at it again, diving deep into forbidden erotic adventures, but this time doing it (and doing it, and doing it...) in the sunny tropical tourist trap of Ibiza! Our horny heroines board a bawdy boat, lose their passports and cash and almost immediately get to the business of banging every eligible bloke that strolls into their sweaty path and a few lovely ladies as well, all in the name of earning their keep in the sexiest hot spot in Spain!

Produced by legendary sexploitation mogul Erwin C. Dietrich, SIX SWEDES IN PARADISE follows the formula he locked in such easy breezy and brazen erotic epics as SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS and SWEDISH BOARDING SCHOOL GIRLS, keeping narrative light, the carnal coupling explicit and the laughs flowing freely and setting all of the action against beautifully shot (by Peter Baumgartner) scenic locales. Get ready to get busy in Ibiza as everyone's favorite Swedishnymphos deliver the debaucherous goods, time and time again!

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