Sherlick Holmes / Reunion DVD


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Two mid 70s erotic mysteries, from the notorious filth factory of Taurus Productions.

SHERLICK HOLMES: Sherlick Holmes (Harry Reems) and his partner, Dr. Watson (Zebedy Colt) have developed a time machine and find themselves transported to swinging 70s NYC. As they explore all the sleaze that the city has to offer, Sherlick meets a pimp and begins a series of torrid affairs with his women, who quickly learn that the private dick is also a master lover.

REUNION: A group of friends are invited to spend the weekend at a mysterious house on a secluded island. However, upon arriving, they discover that their strange host is none other than the victim of their childhood pranks and bullying, and he’s been plotting a diabolical sexual revenge!


Region free DVD
Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements