Sexual Insanity 1970S Grindhouse Collection Dvd


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Get ready to go crazy with After Hours Cinema's SEXUAL INSANITY 1970s GRINDHOUSE COLLECTION! - 4 psychotic 1970s adult classics that turned the GRINDHOUSE into a total MADHOUSE! So strap on your straight-jacket, but be sure to leave one hand free...

SEXUAL INSANITY stars Rick Lutze - 3 lustful ladies reveal their deep sexual madness! These girls are nuts for love, and your nuts will love these girls!

GIRLS IN THE BAND stars John Holmes, Keith Erickson - Bring in the new year with "Big John" Holmes and Keith Erickson! At this party, all the balls drop!

THE FAMILY stars Malta, Sue Peter - A family of free loving hippies turns lethal when they exact revenge upon the innocent girlfriend of a sleazy double crosser!

SKIN-MAG CONFIDENTIAL - Get an in-depth look at the "in's and out's" of the adult skin-mag racket, and see how things get fleshed out!
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