Videonomicon proudly presents - for the first time on DVD (and celebrating its 15th Anniversary) - Ray Ramayya's road trip cult classic RYAN'S BABE! A good heart and bad luck will get you nothing but trouble. That's what Ryan discovers - the hard way - when he thought hitting the road would solve all of his problems, instead it was just the beginning. Ryan (Bill LeVasseur, The West Wing) falls into one circumstantial trouble after another. From getting car-jacked at gun-point, being mistaken for a mobster's son, to a run-in with cheerleaders intent on vigilante justice, Ryan barely escapes one mess before landing in the middle of another. Finally able to go home, Ryan heads back out on the highway. But has his luck really changed, or is there only more trouble in store for our charming hero?

Interview with writer/director Ray Ramayya!
Interview with actor Bill LeVasseur!
Audio commentary with director, cast & crew!
Stills Gallery!
BONUS FEATURE FILM: Ray Ramayya's Seetha & Carole (1998)

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