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Strict vegetarian Justine faces a merciless onslaught of hazing rituals during her first week at veterinary school. One of these is the eating of raw meat and desperate to fit in she can’t refuse. This taste of flesh not only compromises her principles but awakens an uncontrollable craving with horrific consequences.

The Girl Can’t Help It: a new interview with Actor Garance Marillier
Making Ends Meat: a new interview with Producer Jean des Forets
New audio commentary by film critic Alexandra West
Audio Commentary with Julia Ducournau and film critic Emma Westwood
In the Name of Raw: an interview with Director Julia Ducournau
A Family Affair: a new video essay by film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Raw À Votre Goût –featurette with Julia Ducournau & film critic Emma Westwood
Quick Bites with Julia Ducournau & film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Genre Matters Panel Discussion
Australian Premiere Introduction
Australian Premiere Q&A with Julia Ducournau and Kier-La Janisse
Alternative opening, deleted scenes, trailers
New optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired

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