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Rap sucks, yet it has become mainstream, which has made the world into a hell for people who haven't been brainwashed into liking the stupid trend. Laugh, or wince, as you watch the characters in this movie struggle in a world where they no longer belong. . Comedies often target misfortune, and there is plenty of it here. Is laughter a harmless way to express negative energy? How far can a joke go? You can decide. Notorious director and archfiend, Bill Zebub, implored the gods of metal to participate in this bizarre movie. Attila Csihar, vocalist of Mayhem, is but one of the exalted celebrities to make a cameo appearance. Members of Amon Amarth, Voivod, Tyr, Kreator, Finntroll, Turisas, Ensiferum, and Enslaved also graced this movie.

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