Pool Party Massacre Blu-Ray


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Pool Party Massacre begins as Blair Winthorpe, a spoiled rotten college aged daughter of wealthy parents, is planning a pool party for a few friends at her parents mansion. with Blair determined to have a relaxing day by the pool, and all of her self absorbed friends focusing on themselves none of them seem to notice that there is an unknown killer in the house stalking them. One by one as party guests enter the house to make phone calls, have sex, refill drinks or even masturbate, they are brutally murdered by the mysterious killer using various weapons found in the garage, the faceless killer continues to murder as many people as he can in creative and bloody ways. What started out as a relaxing day by the pool, quickly becomes the worst pool party ever!


Check it out, this Pool Party Massacre Blu-ray not only contains the whole film in glorious 1080 HD, plus both the Cast and Directors commentaries, but it also has some awesome Blu-ray exclusive bonus features:

Making of Featurette

Location Tour

Gag Reel