Once thought of as the ‘little movie that could,’ “A Polish Vampire In Burbank” was one of the first feature films made for the ‘home video’ generation. Produced in 1983 for $2500, long before the digital age of movie making, this little opus went on to gross over one million dollars in home video sales and on cable television. It ran on USA network in the late 80’s, and to this date is the most inexpensive movie ever run on that network.

Filmed in garages and backyards around the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles from 1981 through 1983, Polish Vampire has been an inspiration for numerous filmmakers over the years, and was featured on shows like “Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, Fox News, CNBC,” and “A Current Affair.” (you can find clips from these shows on our media page)

This remastered DVD (sharper, color corrected, less scratches, full stereo soundtrack) includes director’s commentary, “making of” documentary (which includes interviews with cast and crew), more deleted scenes than previous releases, tv promos and trailers, and a few surprises. NO other version out there is approved or authorized by Pirromount (especially the disastrous 2002 version with the mosquito on the cover). Time to trash that old VHS copy and get the best DVD version available.

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