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In an early 20th century village, a painter with an unusual commission finds two pretty girls to model for him. Stephanie and Julia, who have been close friends in a small village dominated by the church, share a naked swim together on a hot summer day, which ignites fiery passions in both of them. Julia wants to find a romantic prince to rescue her from her unhappy family, while Stephanie yearns to experience all life has to offer. When Julia's father hears of her sexual transgressions, she is sadistically punished... Through these experiences, the girls slowly come of age while exploring their sexuality and finding liberation in a repressed society. The beautiful Taylor Sands and Daniella Rosa star in this homage to the politically-charged erotic cinema of Tinto Brass, Walerian Borowczyk, and Jess Franco. "...[A] visually alluring story with original, wonderful, melodious music" ~ Amazon.com.

Director's Audio Commentary
Music Behind-the-Scenes Production Video Clips
Custom Trailers
Special Collector's edition 16 page full-color booklet

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