Urban America calls on exterminators to wipe out the unwanted vermin. In Bugged, the only unwanted vermin is Man!Sexy homemaker Devine (Priscilla K Basque) hires a whacked-out group of “Bugbusters” to rid her house of disgusting bugs. But it’s not long before the bugs grow to enormous sizes, and the bugbusters become the exterminated. It’s up to Dave (Ronald K Armstrong) and Steve (Jeff Lee) to combat the creatures before their friends become insect food one…by…one! 8 Legged Freaks meets Friday in this horror comedy Back Road Diner is the chilling story of four lifelong friends from the mean streets of the New York City ghetto on a cross country trip recalling the hilarious and wild adventures of theiur younger days. When they are approached by a group of redneck biggots, racial tension erupts into violence and sets off a chain reaction that hurtles the friends towards the film’s shocking conclusion.Combining the camaraderie of Spike Lee’s Get On the Bus with the dark vision of Troma’s Def By Temptation, Back Road Diner, entertains while exploring important social issues like racism and police brutality. With it’s talented cast and hip-hop/R&B soundtrack featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Kingsize, Soul to the Rhythm and Digital Konfusion, Back Road Diner is an unforgettable tale that reveals that the streets of Harlem are not always as dangerous as the back roads of America. featuring some of the most amazing hi-tech bug effects of the past ten years!

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