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Filmmaker Harry Essex, well known for scripting such classics as CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, tried his hand at directing and OCTAMAN was the result.

Inspired by the success of the CREATURE, Harry's OCTAMAN is a total B Movie hoot! Essex cast the film with Sci-Fi favorites Kerwin Mathews (7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD) and Jeff Morrow (THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US), making this elusive movie much sought after by Cult Movie fans.

Oscar winning makeup effects artist Rick Baker (ED WOOD) created a fun rubber monster suit, but the movie, much of it filmed silent and dubbed later, is a weird mixture of different grainy film stocks and odd directorial choices.

Included here as an extra bonus is Harry Essex’s next Sci-Fi undertaking, THE CREMATORS (1972). Like OCTAMAN, much of the movie was filmed silent and dubbed later with various degrees of success. Special visual effects by Doug Beswick and star, the lovely Maria De Aragon (BLOOD MANIA), liven things up.

Rick Baker Remembers OCTAMAN Video Featurette
Bonus 2nd Feature THE CREMATORS in 16x9 HD
Video Interview with Maria De Aragon

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