Night Bird / Night Of The Spanish Fly DVD


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Two sleaze samples of mid 70s, Big Apple made films, brought together for the first time from Vinegar Syndrome.

THE NIGHT BIRD: The Nite Bird is the hottest disco in town, where everyone gets down on and off the dance floor. Southside and his friends hit the streets, searching for the hottest disco girls in the Big Apple, in a never ending quest of drinking, dancing, and, of course, sex. However, Southside has lately been rethinking his life and might want something more than just gang war and disco fever sex.

NIGHT OF THE SPANISH FLY: Somehow a shipment of Gogo Wieners and the aphrodisiac Spanish Fly have been cross contaminated in transit and have been accidentally distributed. As the drugged wieners are consumed by citizens word spreads of raucous love making throughout the metropolitan area. We see first hand the effects in one case after another.


Region free DVD
Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
Original theatrical trailers for both films