Naughty Nudes 1964 Dvd


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The Classic American Peep Show "Retro-Seduction Cinema" is proud to introduce classic 16mm Nudie Loops from the 1960s - newly transferred from original film prints, pre-mastered to High-Definition, and presented for the first time ever in widescreen format enhanced for 16x9 televisions...with newly recorded, retro musical accompaniment by THE UBANGIS and THE PINK DELICATES! "Naughty Nudes - 1964" showcases 12 of the coolest, super erotic darlings ever to tease and tempt and strip their way into your heart. See them bump, see them grind, see them thrust, stroke and fondle, see them do the kinds of things that no self-respecting girl would ever dare to do...even behind closed doors with no camera running! Get a taste of the genuine peep show experience that always left the patron wanting more!! DVD Includes Booklet featuring Liner Notes

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