Mutant Blu-Ray


A hideous town secret is waiting for two vacationing brothers (Wings Hauser, Vice Squad, Deadly Force, Tough Guys Don’t Dance, and Lee Montgomery, Ben, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Burnt Offerings) who team up with a local sheriff (Bo Hopkins, The Fifth Floor, Tentacles, Sweet Sixteen) to uncover the grisly threat to the entire population. A nearby chemical plant has been dumping toxic water just outside of town, turning townspeople into contaminated, mutant zombies. Now, there’s nowhere to run as the growing army of bloodthirsty ghouls takes over the town and slaughters the remaining humans, one by one! This sci-fi chiller also stars Jennifer Warren (Night Moves) and was directed by John Bud Cardos (The Dark, Kingdom Of The Spiders), featuring a classic score by Richard Band (Re-Animator, Puppet Master). Now see this drive-in horror favorite in HD for the first time!

Brand new 4k scan of the original camera negatives
Audio commentary with Lee Mongomery, Igo Kantor and John Bud Cardos
On camera interview with Bo Hokins and Lee Montgomery
Limited to 2000