A 50 year-old nebbish debt collector, Yuji, is having a pretty bad week. He cannot collect the debts from the debtor and always being scolded by his boss. His aging mom is begging for money but he just maxed out his bank account. On top of it, he’s been told that he has a cancer and few months to live. Yuji tries to turn his life around and he meets a young and beautiful Kaoru. However, a gigantic alien jar falls from the sky and trap thousands of people in the jar. Soon after alien starts parasite to human beings and human changes its figure to hideous monsters (Necro-borg). The Necro-borg fights each other until the other dies. Yuji somehow manages to retain his human consciousness and joins forces with a team of cops to save Kaoru from a city full of Necro-borgs.

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