The Little Blue Box Dvd


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John (John Leslie), a faithful husband and writer with imagination, is disappointed with his wife (Jennifer Welles, in one of two roles). She works all the time and is very frigid in the sack, leaving him wanting more with his sex life. One day, a woman (Ms. Azure - also played by Jennifer Welles) knocks on John's door and tries to sell him a Little Blue Box. This box is an adult home-movie system that can show him anything his heart desires. While his wife is away at work, John and Ms. Azure sample the box's capabilities and each other! The permanent pleasures of this new technology do come with a price, however, and Ms. Azure wants to make a sale... and John purchasing the box is the ONLY way he'll be able to finally unlock the mystery of Channel 69! Time to throw away your old versions of this classic erotica! Impulse Pictures is proud to present LITTLE BLUE BOX, newly remastered in anamorphic widescreen from original 35mm vault materials! Contains an amazing roster of sexy 70's actors.

Newly Remastered in Anamorphic Widescreen from Original Vault Materials

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