Lethal Nightmares / Hallucinations Blu-Ray


2 nearly lost early works from The Polonia Brothers! "Lethal Nightmare" - super-8 remake of their early SOV project entitled "Hallucinations", This film is an exploitation journey through the mind, on route to a lesson in the macabre. Horror has many forms, many shapes, and many hiding places. As three brothers of different backgrounds, of different frames of mind grow apart, their fears grow rabid and real! Will the terror ever, ever stop?! Produced in 1991. "Hallucinations" - same plot, but when they Brother's were younger, produced in 1986 and among their earliest work ever! 2 Features, both are upscaled from the original VHS elements (Lethal Nightmare film is lost, using orig. transfers to VHS), plus commentary tracks. Both sold out lightning fast on our limited VHS releases, and these won't last either.

BD-R (all BD-R's are professionally pressed and silk screened by Discmakers).

Limited Edition, only 200 will be sold!