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The notorious director of movies like "Breaking her Will" and "Disgruntled Employee" delivers his final sex-horror. He pushed boundaries with each movie until finally there is nothing more that he can do, unless he is willing to cross the line into porn or obscenity, which he refuses to do. He's strictly an indie movie maker and is happy in that world, constantly experimenting, whether his flavor is horror, comedy, or music. The story is about a woman who is abducted and forced to watch footage of captives getting molested. She doesn't know whether the sexual torture is amateur porn, or if these are sex crimes caught on tape. As she is exposed to more of the disturbing images, her captor starts changing his behavior. She senses that time is running out for her but escape seems impossible. The style of the movie is bizarre. Every moment is meant to cause uneasiness in the viewer. It was filmed this way so that the viewer has the proper reaction to what is seen. This is the most graphic of Bill Zebub's erotic horror, which is a fitting finale. To celebrate the end of an era, Bill Zebub has gone into the vault and recovered behind-the-scenes footage from BREAKING HER WILL, DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE, and I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE. He never made such footage available because he did not want to break the illion of the victims suffering. But this movie is so unsettling that Bill Zebub had to show viewers that the actresses are alive and happy, and that although the onscreen moments are chilling, the cast had a lot of fun filming.

Behind the scenes footage of previous erotic horrors, namely DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE, FORGIVE ME FOR RAPING YOU, and I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE
The hot tub scene from the first DIRTBAGS, featuring Kitty Daly and Kerri Taylor
Bonus out-of-print movie - Bill zebub's most offensive comedy ever made

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