Kinkiest Pleasure Grindhouse Double Feature Dvd


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After Hours' newest double feature concoction of kinky delights includes orgiastic sex on the High Seas and a sleazy whorehouse awash with perverse escapades.

Pleasure Cruise (1974)
This anonymous and sleazy Tennessee-lensed porno is about a luxury motorboat captain with the admirable problem of having too many women on board to service sexually. He has two girls, augmented by a third girl, named Tallulah, who is brought aboard from a raft after being shipwrecked. When two escaped cons (in a ludicrous rubber raft designed for a kiddie wading pool) arrive with guns, his burden is temporarily eased, but the three women prove too much for them, too, and the captain is left with a potency problem and a stuck throttle.

House of Kinky Pleasures (1975)
Director Artaur Ego (!) delivers exactly what the title promises - and then some! A young woman leads a first-person camera from room to room of her seedy brothel, where all manners bizarre, disturbing, outrageous, taboo and perverted sexual escapades are played out. Kinky pleasures definitely make a "house" a "home."

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