Inn Of 1000 Sins Dvd


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Albert has a physically exhausting job that requires him to stay in bed all day long. Actually, in several beds. That's because Albert's employer is an exclusive resort hotel that caters to sexy young female guests, and it is up to Albert to satisfy them in any and every way possible...and keep them coming back for more! He takes his job very seriously, and the voluptuous, pleasure-seeking women crave his amazing lovemaking abilities. But one day Albert falls in love with a wealthy and beautiful virgin of aristocratic persuasion. Soon his career as a professional seducer may be at an end. Or will it? At the Inn of 1000 sins,one thing is for sure - their Room Service is like none you've ever seen before. Stars Margaret Rose Keil, Eva Gross and Puppa Armbrusta The Vibrating Maid - A wealthy college girl forces her maid to teach her the techniques of self love after spying on her from her Daddy's closet. Stars Misty Mundae and Lily Tiger. Directed by William Hellfire

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