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Bill Moseley (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) stars as a smiling maniac named “Mr. Suitcase”. With a briefcase full of razorblades, he crashes a homecoming get-together for Claire (Lindley Evans) and forces the partygoers to identify people they hate. Soon, a black-hooded supernatural killer is loose killing each person identified by the teens and the terrified friends realize they may also be viciously murdered because Tim (Matt Lero) awkwardly joked that he hated everyone at the party, too! As the corpses pile up and the body parts fly, the kids enlist the help of a crazed chili loving militia man who can give them the weapons they need to stay alive! Also co-stars Cult mega-babe Tiffany Shepis.

Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Surround
Audio Commentary by Director Adam WIngard & Writer E.L. Katz
Deleted Opening Sequence
Making Of Featurette Starring Director Adam Wingard
Original Short Films from E.L. Katz & Adam Wingard
Bill Moseley Interview

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