Heat of Midnight
A man marked for death after robbing the mob has his life saved by a daring detective. Afterwards the detective gets to make the moves on his client's ex-wife and her beautiful lesbian lover roommate.

Documentary made in 1975 examines the state of the French pornographic film industry. Entirely constructed around adult actress Claudine Beccarie, the first true superstar of French hardcore. Ms. Beccarie paved the way for the likes of Brigitte Lahaie and Marilyn Jess. In a series of interviews she describes how she got into the industry, her likes, her dislikes and the direction she feels the porn business is going. What comes across is insightful, sometimes shocking and always intriguing. Beccarie comes across as a well-rounded human being, with a kind heart and good morals who just happens to be working in the sex industry.

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