The Great American Serial Killer Dvd


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Do you always wonder if there is a maniac staring outside your window? You lock your doors tight and keep a loaded gun underneath your pillow just in case that maniac outside enters your home. One such monster is Robert Kemp. A vicious serial killer who tortured and murdered thirty-two people. This is his story. Told by Kemp himself as he tells his nightmarish tale on death row to a trusted doctor.

THE SLEAZE BOX presents this special release of director SAINT MATTHEW’s terrifying and disturbing film. Starring TODD SERVO as Kemp and also starring Playboy‘s ANGELINA LEIGH (Dangerous People, Indie Director) and Scream Queen DEBBIE D (Burglar From Hell, Tales Till The End).

Watch this film with caution, as you enter the mind of THE GREAT AMERICAN SERIAL KILLER!

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