The Phantom
A master criminal known as the Phantom makes a spectacular escape from Death Row and, aided by a grotesque being called "the Thing," continues his murderous activities. Holding a grudge, the Phantom threatens the district attorney whose daughter and a reporter set out to find the fiend. Soon the duo and killer wind up at an old dark house... that also happens to be an insane asylum. Good spooky fun!

The Intruder
In this mixture of mystery, adventure and murder, the S.S. Intruder has an unexpected passenger: death! When a guest winds up murdered and the ship is wrecked before the culprit can be found, the captain and passenger Monte Blue find themselves confronting a killer gorilla, a wild man roaming the jungle, and a cave of skeletons in this wild chiller-thriller.

Tangled Destinies
A plane bound for Los Angeles is forced to land in the desert during the night due to heavy fog. The passengers and crew take shelter in an old deserted farmhouse, but soon the lights go out and murder strikes! With a fortune in diamonds at stake, it's only a matter of time before the grim reaper claims another...

Dead Men Walk
In one of the rare instances of a poverty row company coming up with a vampire story, George Zucco plays both sides of the coin as the Clayton brothers: Lloyd, a well-respected New England doctor, and his twin Elwyn, an evil occultist who rises from the dead as a bloodsucker! With the help of his hunchbacked servant Zolarr, Elwyn begins a new campaign of evil that causes the townspeople to suspect that their beloved doctor may not be quite as kindly as they believe.

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