Executive Koala DVD


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Tamura is an average Japanese salaryman working in the offices of a pickle distribution company. He is well liked in the office, hard-working, polite, wears a suit and tie, and also happens to be a six-foot tall koala bear. But when his girlfriend Yoko turns up dead one day and Tamura is the chief suspect, he is forced to enlist the help of his boss (a white rabbit) and a friendly convenience store attendant (a frog) in order to prove his innocence. A psychological thriller wrapped up in the packaging of a nonsense comedy – with giant animals – EXECUTIVE KOALA is like nothing America has ever produced…which is why it was made in Japan!


Anamorphic (1.85:1) Widescreen Transfer
Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Newly-Translated, Removable English Subtitles
“Making Of” Featurette
Theatrical Trailer and TV Spot