The Early Films Of John Holmes Dvd


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Big John Holmes is not just the reigning size-king of Seventies porn, he's probably its first legitimate star. Back before anyone had even heard of Linda Lovelace or Marilyn Chambers, "Johnny Wadd" meant box office gold from L. A. to N. Y. C. To this day, he remains the most recognizable above-the-title male attraction in the world of hardcore. Certainly John Holmes's magnificent member was a viable element in his gargantuan appeal. Reportedly 13" long, his dick made Marc Stevens's "10 1/2" look like a cocktail wienie. Yet beyond the mix of envy and pride that male spectators must have felt for his outlandish endowment, "Big John" seemed to strike a chord on a personal level as well. Awkward, average looking, and driven by nervous energy and a seemingly compulsive desire to be liked, Holmes radiated juvenile insecurity and a deep core of wishful desire.

After Hours Cinema's XXX Storefront Feature Series is proud to present three John Holmes rarities, a Whitman Sampler of early Holmes classics guaranteed to make your man-root stand at attention It includes S.M.A.S.H. or How to Get Hung, the grim and dark Benny's Bungles and New Girl in Town...oh that poooor gal!

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