Donald Farmer Collection Volume 1 Blu-Ray

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Donald Farmer Collection Vol 1: The Summoned/A Taste of Flesh: THE SUMMONED A doctor and his wife come under attack from a vengeful Incubus and his zombie followers in a blood-soaked tale of supernatural horror. Can this man of science stand up against an inhuman creature with limitless power? A TASTE OF FLESH When two friends are lost on a mountain hunting trip, one of them kills and eats the other in order to survive. But now he has a permanent taste for human flesh and needs more victims to feed on. Once back in civilization, the cannibal's wife has no clue about the murder spree he plans to unleash to feed his flesh-eating urges!! 70 mins. Both shorts are silent but include commentary by Donald Farmer. Also includes video intros by Donald and trailers from his movies.

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