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Diary of a Nymph, Diary of a Bed, and Diary of a Schizo starring porn legend Rene Bond comprise the Diary of a Nymph Collection of rare and forgotten, 1970s storefront XXX feature films. The 16mm XXX features of the early 1970s were the seedbed of modern American porn. Long before Linda Lovelace started to fog the goggles of regular filmgoers, no-budget "one day wonders" - hardcore cheapies generally shot in a single day - had already become the diurnal fare of porn aficionados from New York to L.A. Like overgrown stag films, small-gauge sleaze covered all the bases, from 3-ways to 69, with the occasional added novelty of a synchronized soundtrack and a comprehensible plot. Until high-gloss 35mm productions stole the stage during the mid-1970s, 16mm hardcore features were usually screened in storefront "mini-cinemas" containing only a handful of seats and echoing with the muffled groans of amplified pleasure. After Hours Cinema "Storefront Series" presents porno at its most graphic - when the girls were groovy, the seats were sticky, and the guy sitting next to you was wheezing like a warthog.

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