DIRTY OLD MOVIE! After Hours Cinema Retro presents historic, never-before-released hard-core short films from the 1930s, 40s & 50s. Each ultra-naughty, black & white gem is a stroll down mammory lane to the by-gone days when XXX films were a rarity and quite dangerous to watch and own. Experience the prurient excitement of those conservative decades and see what got audiences back then all hot'n'bothered. This unique collection presents these classic sex films two ways: individually, or as part of the Dirty Old Movie. DIRTY OLD MOVIE Starring Buddy Zeppelin Arthur Beasley Adolf Hitler Directed by Jack Nimble The year is 1939. The depression is raging, and penniless vagabonds Arthur Beasly and Buddy Zeppelin are desperate for jobs. What better way to earn some quick cash than filming people having sleazy sex for the illicit needs of two-bit Hollywood producer Hal Zito. With hand-cranked camera in hand and a horny twinkle in their eye, the two buffoons set out to capture fornification wherever and whenever it happens. Thankfully for Arthur and Buddy, who wouldn't know XXX if it smacked them over their heads, they find couples busy screwing in the park, at a hospital, in private homes...even in Berlin where Adolf Hitler gets some Aryan ass! Our hapless heroes see enough "pink" in black & white to last a lifetime! What better way to live through "hard times."

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