Body Chemistry 2: Voice Of A Stranger DVD

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The erotic adventures and murderous madness of Dr. Clair Archer (Lisa Pescia, Body Chemistry, Seinfeld, The New Age) continue in this steamy sequel that delivers all the sex and suspense of 9 1/2 Weeks and Fatal Attraction. "Pain defines pleasure," preaches Dr. Archer, the talk-radio sex therapist who captivates listeners each night with her popular call-in show. Seeking her advice is Dan Pearson (Gregory Harrison, Falcon Crest, Trapper John M.D., Logan's Run), ex-LA cop whose abuse as a child has left him with a violent nature - an insatiable appetite for rough sex. Fearing his girlfriend, Brenda, will leave him if he doesn't get help, Dan accepts Claire's offer to treat him in person. But her prescription of dark, dangerous sex spirals sadistically out of control, pitting doctor and patient in the ultimate sexual powerplay that will either cure Dan - or destroy him!


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