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The Dodds - Danny, Elaine, and daughter Trudy - are a happy, loving family until Elaine purchases a book on the black arts and the occult. Uttering an ancient incantation, she summons forth an ages old beast - a bloodthirsty vampire demon named Adam Mortis that slaughters Elaine and abducts Trudy. Flash forward ten years. Danny Dodd, still devastated by his tragic loss, is on the trail of a vampire-like serial killer that sexually brutalizes beautiful prostitutes and drains their bodies of blood. With the help of a detective, Danny discovers that this seemingly unstoppable psychopath might be the monster who destroyed his family. Determined to end the gruesome reign of terror, Danny must first confront this monstrosity's undead sex slaves...and a mysterious and sexually insatiable young woman who may even be deadlier. This motion picture is unrated and contains images of vampirism, bloodletting and full nudity

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