Director Mario Bava's Giallo Masterpiece! An unscrupulous business operating under the guise of a top fashion house with exotic models running sexual favors, cocaine dealings and blackmail, becomes a murder scene--after someone is pushed to the edge. The saga begins when a beautiful model is brutally murdered, and her boyfriend, a known addict supplying her drugs, is suspected of the crime...but is he guilty or is someone waiting in the shadows setting him up?

New 2018 2K Restoration from Original Film Materials in widescreen / 1.85:1 aspect ratio!
2018 Commentary by Kat Ellinger, Editor-in-Chief and author, Diabolique Magazine
2018 Commentary by film historian and David Del Valle & director/writer, C Courtney Joyner
Video Interview with Mary Dawne Arden
Archival video interview with star, Cameron Mitchell, with David Del Valle
Original American Theatrical Trailer, plus Italian, German and French trailers
Bonus Trailers of other Bava films
Extensive Photo Gallery
Alternate original Italian or original US theatrical main titles
Languages: Original Italian, English, French
Subtitles: English & Spanish
Bonus Music Tracks by composer Carlo Rustichelli
Video Comparison: American Version Cuts / Euro Uncut
2-Sided Coverwrap with Alternate Coverart

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