Bigfoot Terror DVD


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Watch the fur fly! Put on your winter coat and head for the hills with this collection of fast and furry-ous marauders from the snowy wastelands. Shriek of the Mutilated: College students embark on an expedition with their professor into the woods in search of the elusive American Yeti. When one of the kids is killed, the others use the dead body as bait to lure the creature into their trap. Unbelievably campy and grotesque fun from the creators of Invasion of the Blood Farmers! Search for the Beast: In the wilderness of Alabama, a monster abducts young girls to satisfy its hideous mating urge until an adventurous college professor undertakes a beast hunt. Heavily armed, they shoot everything moving until the beast finally seeks its bloody and erotic revenge! Not for the faint of heart (or anyone afraid of Alabama). Legend of Bigfoot: From the exhaustive archives of famous animal tracker Ivan Marx comes this surprising docudrama featuring "actual footage" of the beast itself, captured on film. For years Marx made his living trailing renegade bears and other destructive animals, but now he turns his high-powered scope on something much bigger! Capture of Bigfoot: The snows of Wisconsin are no match for the dog-sledding teams that attempt to capture the world's most elusive prey: Bigfoot. Fast-paced, bloody action from the cheese capital of the world as Bigfoot sends his pursuers Green-Bay-packing!