Alien Factor (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray


Director Don Dohler's homage to the classic sci-fi 1950's creature features, THE ALIEN FACTOR (1978), has endured the passage of time to become the standard "comfort food" for a generation of eager aficionados. Filmed in Baltimore, Maryland by a collection of never-say-die, hardcore fans, the movie boasts a gaggle of monster suits, clever miniatures and even a stop-motion beast brought to life by, then aspiring, animation wizard, Ernest D. Farino (THE TERMINATOR). Local actors Don Leifert, Dick Dyszel, Eleanor Herman and George Stover infuse the film with an enthusiastic zest that belies the film's tiny budget, adding immeasurably to the charm that is THE ALIEN FACTOR.


New 2K HD 16x9 Wide Screen Scan from the 16mm Negative

Cast and Crew Commentary Track

Behind the Scenes, The Television Years, Meet the Cast & Crew Featurette


Alternate LEEMOID Sequence with Commentary Track

Blooper & Out-Take Reel

Original "Retromedia Drive-In Theater" intro