Alien Dead (Limited Edition - Signed) Blu-Ray


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Limited to 1000 Units signed by Director, Fred Olen Ray... Filmed deep in the swamps of Central Florida, THE ALIEN DEAD (1980) barely squeezed by on its meager shoestring budget of $12,000. Graduating to 16mm color film from his earlier B&W effort, THE BRAIN LEECHES (1978), burgeoning filmmaker, Fred Olen Ray, crafted an astonishingly crude tale of aquatic zombies and the characters who would become their victims. In what would later become a trademark of Ray's work, the movie features serial icon, Buster Crabbe (FLASH GORDON), a marquee star from the director's childhood. The film has, at times, a strange gauzy, nightmare-like quality hanging over it like a shroud. A surreal, netherworld of dream images that threaten to engulf the characters. Scratch your head in awe and wonder at THE ALIEN DEAD. Also included here is the director's first feature "effort", THE BRAIN LEECHES, along with a revealing commentary track, plus an unadvertised bonus, THE HALLOWEEN PLANET, an unaired children's TV Special featuring serial SUPERMAN, Kirk Alyn and the cast and crew of ALIEN DEAD, along with a new commentary track.