Over 100 collectors, filmmakers, producers, and video store owners express how VHS changed their lives. Some see VHS as worthless plastic, but Adjust Your Tracking shows a vibrant world of collectors and movie fans who are keeping the format, and the movies, alive. Travel back to the days of video rental stores with those who still buy, sell, rent and trade the format that will not die - VHS.

Deluxe Two-Disc Edition
Audio commentary with directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic
Extended interviews with Lloyd Kaufman and more
Behind the scenes documentary, 'Rocky Mountain Breakdown'
Deleted Scenes featuring Scarecrow Video, Faces of Death, Everything is Terrible and more
'The Video Shelf' short film
Audio commentary with producers Matt Desiderio and Josh Schafer
Theatrical trailer
Over 7 hours of extras
'The Ballad of Chester Turner' short film
Alamo Drafthouse Q & A
Teaser trailer
Back Alley Film Series Q & A
'It Wasn't in Vain, It was in Staten Island' short film
Interactive menus
Easter eggs

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