Get ready for the bloodiest fight of your life - the cult movie ADAM CHAPLIN is here in an EXTENDED EDITION featuring all-new, never-before-seen footage!

In the fictional country of Heaven Valley, a mysterious man known as Adam investigates the murder of his wife and begins to suspect Denny Richards, the local mob boss who controls everyone and everything. Frustrated by his attempts to involve the police - who are also under the thumb of Denny - Adam becomes consumed by hate and anger until he summons a demon who promises to give him superhuman strength and dark powers. The demon follows along with Adam during his investigation, promising to lead him to the murderer if Adam obeys his commands. What follows is an insanely violent and bloody war waged between the demon-controlled Adam and the entire mob, the police, and all the other dark allies pitted against him. Epic carnage awaits you!

ADAM CHAPLIN - THE EXTENDED EDITION is an unbelievably gory action-horror hybrid loaded with ghoulish special effects and outlandish action sequences.

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