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Before her roles in high-profile Golden Age films Barbara Broadcast and The Violation of Claudia, Sharon Mitchell cut her teeth in a series of east coast one-day-wonders, long thought lost in the ruins of the grindhouse circuit. We are proud to present two of these films, available for the first time to home entertainment.

Bad Barbara (1976), presented here with Sharon Mitchell's very first adult film Too Young to Care (1975), featuring Vanessa Del Rio. Time and battered projectors have left their mark on these films, but in my estimation, it only helps recall the grubby ambiance that was 42nd street.

Bad Barbara (1976)
Sharon Mitchell is the titular character and narrator, Barbara, a baby sitter for the Harris family. Barbara baby-sits for Roger, the special needs adult brother of family patriarch, Mr. Harris. Things get out of hand quick when we find out that the Harris' are swingers, and that swinging is the least of their wacky, fetishistic traits! Featuring "Edge of Night" soap opera star Dennis Parker (as Wade Nichols).

Too Young to care (1975)
(Movie title card: The Horny Landlady) 1970s adult icon Vanessa Del Rio plays a spinster land lady in New York City. She forbids her tenants to have male visitors, but tenant Carrie (Sharon Mitchell) sneaks her boyfriend Stoney (Bobby Astyr) into her room. After Carrie leaves for another date, the landlady finds a sex mag in her room and fantasizes about love and lust. When Carrie finds her in her room, she confesses she is repressed. Carrie helps by sending her to a psychiatrist but doesn't know that he's prescribing much more than advice!

A 60 minute 2012 Grindhouse Panel Discussion featuring Sharon Mitchell
"Tales from the Deuce", an audio commentary with 42nd Street Pete and film historian Michael Bowen

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