1970S Triple Climax Grindhouse Feature Dvd


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A triple dose of grindy '70s skin flicks that played the storefront low-budget "shoe-box" theaters on 8th Avenue in NYC. Presented for the first time on home video from the actual grindhouse theater prints!

Love Thy Neighbors
A suburban couple throws a party with the intention of stimulating some neighborly swinging. They use party hats, balloons, a film projector with stag reels and plenty of booze to get the action started!

Rose and the Bee
A young, naive couple move into a suburban neighborhood unbeknownst to them that their section of town is known as "Swinger's Lane." Wife-swapping and other shenanigans soon ensue!

Two Hours on a Sunday
An "Ed Wood" type scriptwriter can't sell any of his scripts. Down and out he returns home early one day only to find his wife in bed with his best friend! He retreats to the local bar where he meets a mysterious brunette.

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