As of today (4/29/20) I am not going to be shipping any international orders. I have been watching the situation closely over the last few weeks and after too many orders being stuck in limbo and not moving after shipment, I will be holding all orders until the world gets back to normal. 

I am still accepting international orders but please take notice that the packages will not ship for some time. Possibly months. I will hold your items here for you until it is safer to ship without massive delays. 

This is an unfortunate situation we are all in but it's something I feel needs to be done. Your items are safer here than they will be sitting in a USPS facility in Miami (which is where most of the orders go). 

If you currently have an order out there in the USPS system please be patient. This mail does not seem to be moving right now. There is nothing I can do about it on this end. If you message me about the order, you will get the same message each time. Be patient. 

Thank you




In light of all that's going on in the country and the world, it's important to update you all on how this is effecting Grindhouse Video.
The brick and mortar store is currently closed to all in-store customers. Curbside pick up will be available for any online orders. All local customers are invited to also use the shipping option if that works better for you.
Grindhouse Video will continue shipping Monday through Friday. Nothing has really changed for those of you who are out of town/state customers.
I hope you'll read it all and keep in mind that I am the only one here keeping this whole thing running. Please be patient as we all try to keep our lives and businesses as normal and consistent as possible.
Please!!!! Stay safe and follow the guidelines set by your government officials. This is an odd time in history and if we are all in this together and do what we can to minimize contact we can all get through this as quickly as possible.
Thank you.
Mike Sandlin
For more info or questions you can always contact the store through social media, by email ( or by phone (813-380-8725).