This is a breakdown of how these sales generally run. 

1. Nothing is in stock at the store. It will take 1-2 weeks for your order to ship. The distributor will be delivering product one to two times per week. Orders will be filled as the stock arrives. 

2. Q: Does item "X" come with a slipcover? A: See rule #1. Nothing is in stock. Slipcovers are not guaranteed during these sales. 

3. Orders cannot be combined or edited. Please make sure you have checked over your order before placing it. 

4. Some items may have low stock numbers. Throughout the sale these items may become sold out.

5. Please be patient as we fill orders. AGAIN, we usually run about one to two weeks behind on getting orders out during these sales due to the higher volume of orders and the fact that the product is not on hand.  

If you were with us during the Arrow sale earlier this year, you know we had some issues due to volume. We have learned from this sale and are ready, this time, to keep with orders. We now have plenty of space to hold product and multiple shipping stations.

The only thing that may effect shipping times are shipping supplies. There are box and bubble wrap shortages nation-wide. We will be stocking up as much as possible to keep up with the influx of orders.