The sale runs from July 1st to July 21st. All sales prior to and after this date are not included in the sale.

The product offered in this sale is not in stock. All product will be stocked as orders come in. This means that slipcovers are not guaranteed for any titles.

I CANNOT combine orders! I CAN add to an existing, unfulfilled order. If you want to add to or take away from an order please email me (with your order number) at with your changes. Once an order has been fulfilled I cannot make changes. You will be sent an invoice (or refund) for the changes.

I will be placing orders with the distributor multiple times a week to keep up with shipping orders out to you. Please do not ask why your order hasn't shipped. You will be directed to this page. It will take some time to get things out to you but I will be working as fast as possible to keep up. Remember this is a one-man show.

If you order titles not included in the sale, the entire order will ship once everything is in stock. If you order a PRE-ORDER title the same rule applies.

Some of the limited edition titles might be running low. I will be keeping an eye on these but please be aware that if a title goes out of print before I can get it in you might be getting a refund for that title. Don't hate me, there's a lot to keep track of with these sales.


ALL NON-US ORDERS WILL BE HELD!!! If you want your order to ship right away you just need to let me know by emailing me (with your order number) at to let me know you'd like it to ship now. If you want the order held you don't need to do anything. This is simply an option for you. Please note that it might take a while to get you you depending on the situation with the USPS and your country's issues with the COVID-19 delays. If you do not want delays I would suggest DHL as an option. They do not have the delays that USPS does.

I have updated the international shipping page on the site. Please read that before placing an order. The customs policies have changed!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way... Have fun. Buy some stuff. Save some money. I will also have some giveaways that will go in random orders thanks to the wonderful people at Arrow.