Thank you all for the overwhelming love for the new site. Orders are flying in but keep in mind the set up for fulfilling these orders is completely different than before. This means until I get the hang of it, it might take me a little longer to get your orders out. 

To answer a couple questions about the transition...

You have to create a new account. The old accounts could not be transferred. That being said you also will not be able to look at your old orders on the old account. Sorry, There's no way around this. I have access to the old site still and will be filling all pre-orders and open orders from the old site. Don't worry, your information is not lost.

Some have asked about the loyalty program. I do not have one set up yet. It's coming within the next couple of months. Will your orders you place now count towards the program when it launches? I have no idea. I will do my best to make that happen but I am not a coder. Don't know if it could even happen that way.

I will be adding new and used product on the site when I can so keep checking back because new stuff will be added all the time. 

Thanks again,