This is a little long but please read it all before sending messages and emails.

The lease is signed and the move to Knoxville has a date. This means that the site will switch to only pre-orders on October 1st and will reopen with the full inventory on November 1st.

During the move, all pre-orders will ship as early as possible. I will be ordering and shipping as titles get released. Once they are released though, the title will not be available to purchase until the relaunch. There may be a week or so during the physical move that we'll be down completely but will be back up and running like normal as soon as possible.

All of your accounts and wishlists will remain intact except for a few titles that will need some work.

Anything you ordered that is waiting on the pre-order to come in is safe. They are on a shelf on hold for your order.

Tampa locals with pick up orders for pre-orders that will be in after the move will be getting an email about what will happen with their order(s) with the move. Don't worry you'll get your order one way or another. If you have an order waiting to be picked up, they need to be picked up before October 9th.

Not everything will be available on the site when it comes back in full. A lot of the cheaper bargain titles will no longer be sold on the site. They will only be available in store once the physical store opens early next year.

There is a lot of work involved in moving the store and myself to another state. This means that emails will not be answered daily. I will try to get to it as often as I can, but expect delays on responses. I will be updating this blog with updated information so please check there before sending any messages.

All I can ask for is some patience while we make the move. If you're interested, I will be posting some videos of the move on the Youtube channel.

On November 1st the site will relaunch with a full inventory and a new look.

Thanks for reading all of this. There's more I'm probably missing but it's a lot of information and planning.

See you in November.