Here are the "rules" of the Arrow / Blue Underground / AGFA Sale. Please read everything before asking questions. 

The sale starts November 5th and ends November 30th. The AGFA sale starts November 16th and ends on December 15th. These prices are only good for orders placed between these dates. 

The titles included in the sale are NOT in stock! I will be placing orders on Mondays and Wednesdays to get in product to fill your order. All other shipping rules apply to the sale. Orders will be shipped when all items are in hand. Please wait 7 days after you order to ask where your order is. I will be filling orders as fast as possible. 

LOCALS! I will not be able to have every item in the store during the sale. If you want to order anything in the sale it must be placed here online. There's an In-Store Pick Up option in checkout. You will be sent an email when the order is ready to be picked up. 

Only the titles marked down are included in the sale. This includes most of the in print Arrow catalogue but some limited edition items are not a part of the sale. No October or November titles are included in the sale. 

Slipcovers are not guaranteed for any of the sale titles. I cannot answer questions about if a title comes with the slipcover because I do not have them in stock at the time you place the order. 

I cannot combine orders for this sale. With the amount of orders coming in, this would take even more time to get orders shipped out. 

These rules also apply to the Shout/Scream Factory titles added to the sale. We are not "officially" working directly with Shout Factory to bring you these titles. The titles discounted are in stock with my distributor and will be ordered in to fill your orders as they come in. 

Basically, be patient. Fill in holes in your collection. Spread the word.